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First of its Kind Report Provides Data on Victim Service Providers in U.S.

NCVSP: National Census of Victim Service Providers

The National Census of Victim Service Providers is the first-ever national data collection of programs responding to victims and survivors of crime and abuse. The recently released report, Victim Service Providers in the United States, 2017, provides the most comprehensive picture of the victim services field to date.

The census was conducted by the Bureau of Justice Statistics with support from OVC.

According to the census, nearly 12,200 victim service providers operated in the United States in 2017.

Data from this census was used to select a representative sample for the National Survey of Victim Service Providers, which will provide national information about different ways programs are structured, organized, and resourced to carry out their mission.

These data will assist funders and policymakers in better understanding the work and needs of victim service providers.

Read Victim Service Providers in the United States, 2017.

Date Created: May 23, 2020