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Building Human Trafficking Cases with Traumatized Victims

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Traffickers inflict trauma on their victims through various forms of force, fraud, and coercion. Often, traffickers identify and exploit individuals who have previously suffered trauma in their lives. Offender tactics and methods of coercive control can exacerbate victims' responses to trauma and foster distrust between victims and criminal justice system professionals. Police, prosecutors, and allied partners, however, have a unique opportunity to disrupt the cycle of victimization, trauma, and distrust.

This webinar will provide police, prosecutors, and allied professionals with strategies for supporting traumatized victims during the investigation and prosecution of human trafficking cases. The presenter will discuss interview techniques as well as approaches to effectively address fears and barriers that impact a victim’s ability to participate in the criminal justice process. The webinar will also address how introducing evidence of trauma at trial can help maximize offender accountability. 

At the conclusion of the presentation, participants will be better able to—

  • support victims' participation in the criminal justice process,
  • conduct trauma-informed interviews, and
  • introduce evidence of trauma at trial.

Date Created: January 5, 2021