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Multimedia Listing


The multimedia listing includes videos that are available online in full-length. Visit the Publications Listing to access a listing of more products available from OVC, including videos that are only available as DVDs. 

Faces of Human Trafficking Video 9: Now That We Are Free (with Spanish Subtitles)

December 2015

The concluding video in this series features survivors of human trafficking who are resilient, thriving members of their communities. They share insight on the support systems, services, and personal journeys that helped them persevere, with words of encouragement for others who were or may still be in situations of human trafficking.

Faces of Human Trafficking Video 2: An Introduction to Sex Trafficking (with Spanish Subtitles)

December 2015

This video provides an overview of sex trafficking. It features survivors and professionals—including law enforcement, judges, and social service, legal, and health care providers—who share information on victim indicators, ways victims are often identified, how professionals may come into contact with victims of sex trafficking, and industries where sex trafficking is more common.

Faces of Human Trafficking Video 5: Effective Victim Services (with Spanish Subtitles)

December 2015

This video includes information on the importance of providing victim-centered, trauma-informed services to meet the wide array of needs experienced by trafficking victims. Coordination and collaboration are critical in responding to the diverse population of trafficking survivors, as no one provider can meet all of the needs of all types of trafficking victims.

Faces of Human Trafficking Video 8: The Victim-Centered Case (with Spanish Subtitles)

December 2015

This video features survivors, service providers, prosecutors, and local law enforcement who have worked on human trafficking cases that have ended with a successful prosecution. They stress the importance of proactive cases and collecting various kinds of evidence rather than relying solely on victim testimony.

2015 NCVRW Theme Video

January 2015

This 2015 NCVRW theme video, “Engaging Communities. Empowering Victims," honors crime victims and victim service professionals and can be used to kick off National Crime Victims' Rights Week (NCVRW) public awareness and educational activities or to motivate local media to cover NCVRW events and topics. Visit the NCVRW site for more information.

The International Terrorism Victim Expense Reimbursement Program

December 2014

OVC administers the International Terrorism Victim Expense Reimbursement Program (ITVERP), which reimburses eligible victims of acts of international terrorism that occur outside the United States for expenses incurred as a direct result of their victimization. Watch a short video on how ITVERP may provide financial assistance to victims of international terrorism and their families. In this video, you will hear how ITVERP can assist victims from individuals who have received ITVERP benefits.

Through Our Eyes: Community-Based Approaches

April 2014

This video discusses the important role that community- and faith-based programs, services, and agencies play in protecting and responding to children. It features three programs that exemplify a successful community-based approach to children affected by violence and trauma. However, because every community is different, it is important that service providers and allied professionals tailor their responses to most effectively meet their community's particular needs. 

Through Our Eyes: Innovations in Juvenile Justice

April 2014

Many of the behaviors that lead to children's and adolescents' involvement in the juvenile justice system can be traced to childhood maltreatment. For these young people, successful intervention requires acknowledging and understanding their traumatic histories. This video features three alternative approaches to addressing trauma in young offenders' lives while still holding them accountable for their actions. 

Through Our Eyes: Treatments That Work

April 2014

This video discusses the serious consequences of children's exposure to violence and trauma, such as substance abuse and mental health and behavioral problems, and the increased severity of symptoms experienced by children who have suffered multiple forms of victimization. It also features some of the evidence-based treatment strategies for children and their families that researchers and experts consider effective.

Through Our Eyes: Addressing Violence in the Home

April 2014

The physical, psychological, and emotional consequences for children exposed to violence in their homes can be especially severe. Early intervention is critical to help these children heal. This video features three programs that are working to provide a coordinated, comprehensive response to these victims and their families. 

Through Our Eyes: Introduction

April 2014

This video discusses how violence and trauma affect children, including the serious and long-lasting consequences for their physical and mental health; signs that a child may be exposed to violence or trauma; and the staggering cost of child maltreatment to families, communities, and the Nation. Victims lend their voices to this video to provide first-hand accounts of how their exposure to violence as children affected them. 

Through Our Eyes: The Child Advocacy Center Model

April 2014

This video discusses the Child Advocacy Center Model, which brings together representatives from many disciplines, including law enforcement, child protection, prosecution, mental health, medical and victim advocacy, and child advocacy, to provide comprehensive services to child victims of abuse, neglect, and trauma. Child Advocacy Center multidisciplinary teams also work collaboratively to make decisions about the investigation, treatment, management, and prosecution of child abuse cases; and to support children and their families through the criminal justice process. 

Through Our Eyes: Interventions in Schools

April 2014

Exposure to violence can impede a child's ability to learn and thrive in school. Teachers, coaches, and other school staff and volunteers can play a critical role in recognizing and reporting signs of violence and trauma in a child's life. This video identifies some types of violence that children may experience at school or on their way to or from school, and highlights preventative measures that some schools are taking to protect their students. 

2014 NCVRW Theme Video

February 2014

This video commemorating the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Victims of Crime Act can be used to kick off National Crime Victims' Rights Week (NCVRW) public awareness and educational activities or to motivate local media to cover NCVRW events and topics. Visit the NCVRW site for more information.

The Faces of Human Trafficking PSA

January 2014

On January 14, 2014, OVC debuted the "Faces of Human Trafficking" public service announcement (PSA), which is highlighted in the 2014 National Crime Victims' Rights Week Resource Guide. The goal of the PSA is to raise public awareness of human trafficking and highlight that survivors of this crime have very diverse backgrounds and experiences. The PSA is also available in Spanish, Thai, Hindi, and Tagalog. Download the PSA.