Message From the Director

The impact of violent crime is devastating to victims, their family members, and loved ones. Although we understand that there is never closure or a return to normalcy for victims and their loved ones, we do know that helping victims understand and assert their rights and access needed services is critical if they are to regain a sense of control. While the services and support of victim advocates are critical to crime victims, it literally takes a community to ensure that victims understand and have access to the services and compensation they are entitled to. Especially important are medical and social service professionals, who must know how to respond to the needs of crime victims injured by violence with information about responses to trauma and the processes of the criminal justice system, and by connecting them with professionals who specialize in providing services to victims of crime.

The Recovering From Your Crime-Related Injuries DVD and brochure will enhance the ability of first response service providers to deliver effective, empathetic services to victims who are hospitalized as a result of their crime-related injuries, in the immediate aftermath of serious crime.

John W. Gillis, Director

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A Multimedia Program To Improve Criminal Justice System Participation and Reduce Distress Among Physically Injured Crime Victims
April 2006