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Providing Services to Victims Viewing a Trial at Multiple Locations. Masthead shows a series of photos depicting trials, conferencing, and TV watching.
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Getting Started--Meeting a Need
Setting Up a Safe Haven for Victims
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Building Your Coalition
Developing Task Forces
Providing Limited Services

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articipation in the judicial process helps many victims and survivors of mass terrorism to heal their emotional wounds. Some courts have ordered the closed-circuit transmission of trial proceedings to multiple locations for the benefit of large numbers of victims in mass violence and terrorism cases. This e-publication presents a protocol that communities can follow in creating an independent coalition to coordinate available area resources in a Safe Haven setting at or near multiple closed-circuit television (CCTV) sites.

Services at a Safe Haven should promote healing, minimize traumatization, and give victims the opportunity to gather with others who share the same emotional experiences. Communities can adapt the protocol to meet their special circumstances. In cases in which insufficient time is available for creating a community coalition, the protocol provides guidelines for a limited service model.

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