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Serving Transgender Victims of Sexual Assault
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Transgender 101Sexual Assault in the Transgender CommunityTips For Those Who Serve Victims
June 2014
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FORGE offers publications, webinars (archived and upcoming), and in-person training events for professionals who work with transgender people. If you need direct, customized technical assistance, information, and referrals, contact FORGE via e-mail or phone (414–559–2123).

You can also find out about transgender issues through the following:

  • Transgender groups and professionals. Find a local transgender group or other professional who specializes in transgender issues. Ask them to come to your agency to provide an inservice or training event.
  • Search engines (e.g., Google, Yahoo, Bing). Be careful what you read, as not all Web sites fact check before adding content, but there is a great deal of information you will find if you look. Be mindful, however, that what one article or Web site states as fact may not be true for your client.
  • Listservs. Every day new listservs emerge that provide direct, fast, and focused answers to questions and concerns. Some of these listservs are specific to those who work with (or want to work with) transgender clients.
  • Conferences. Profession-specific conferences are more and more frequently offering trans-specific workshops. There are also many transgender-focused and transgender-sponsored conferences throughout the country. Most conferences offer programming for professionals in addition to providing workshops by and for transgender individuals and their loved ones.

Remember, if you are curious about transgender people, it is likely that other people in your organization are curious as well. When possible, offer learning opportunities to everyone in your workplace so that everyone has a shared knowledge set.