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Child abuse/exploitation

Building Partnerships Toolkit

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OVC FY 2021 Services for Minor Victims of Labor Trafficking

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The purpose of this program is to develop, expand, or strengthen victim service programs for minor victims of labor trafficking, whose victimization occurred when they were under the age of 18. Organizations funded under this program will provide (directly and through partnerships) services that minor victims of labor trafficking often require to address their needs for safety, security, and healing.

OVC FY 2021 Preventing Trafficking of Girls

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This solicitation provides funding for organizations to support prevention and early intervention programs for girls who are at-risk of, or are victims of, sex trafficking.

OVC FY 2021 Enhancing Juvenile and Family Court Responses to Human Trafficking

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The goals of this program are to develop or enhance programs to provide direct services and diversion programs for youth in contact with the juvenile and family court systems who are victims of sex and/or labor trafficking or at risk for human trafficking. Applicants are invited to apply under two purpose areas.