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Crisis Intervention/Response

OVC Acting Director Katherine Darke Schmitt Commemorates Sexual Assault Prevention & Awareness Month

April 2021
Every April, the Nation commemorates Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Month. OVC Acting Director Katherine Darke Schmitt discusses our office's support for projects that serve victims of sexual assault. She also pays tribute to the dedicated service providers working to support victims, including forensic nurse examiner Kim Day, who is retiring after decades in service to victims of sexual violence.

OVC FY 2021 Expanding Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) Services to Victims of Sexual Assault

Closing Date
OVC is seeking applications to establish or expand sexual assault examination programs, including sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE) programs and sexual assault forensic examiner (SAFE) programs that focus on improving the provision of sexual assault care using a community-based approach, such as through a campus community, nonprofit, community-based, and/or tribe-affiliated victim services provider.

OVC FY 2021 Advancing the Use of Technology to Assist Victims of Crime

Closing Date
Through this solicitation, OVC seeks to provide funding to organizations that demonstrate innovative strategies to create, expand, or enhance the use of technology in innovative ways to interact directly with crime victims and/or to provide information, referrals, crisis assistance, and longer-term help.


The OVC Directory of Crime Victim Services (the Directory) is designed to help crime victims and service providers find nonemergency crime victim service agencies in the United States and abroad.


This Crime Victimization Glossary is a compilation of terms and definitions provided in the Directory of Crime Victim Services.

The list of terms, its sources, and the links to more information are provided for ease of reference and should not be interpreted as comprehensive and exhaustive to the crime victims field, victimology, or criminology.

The Glossary content is organized by—

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At this time, OVC is not accepting new submissions into the Directory of Crime Victim Services as we work to upgrade our platform. We anticipate allowing new submissions by late 2021.



The Directory of Crime Victim Services helps users locate victim services in the United States and other countries. Use the search filters below to locate victim service providers by—

  • location,
  • type of victimization, and
  • service provided.

For definitions, see the Glossary.