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Section V: Administration and Evaluation

ETHICAL STANDARD 5.1: The victim assistance provider reports to appropriate authorities the conduct of any colleague or other professional (including oneself) that constitutes mistreatment of a person served or that brings the profession dishonor.

Commentary: Victim assistance providers should report to appropriate authorities clear violations of ethical standards or victims’ rights laws. These authorities might include professional boards, program administrators, funding administrators, or others responsible for instituting the standards. Victim assistance providers should not knowingly assist any individual in committing an act that is in direct violation of the standards or governing laws. Victim assistance providers are encouraged to self-report any personal action that would require that a report be filed.

computer iconVAT Online is a free Web-based victim assistance training program that includes training modules on the topics of “Assessing Victim’s Needs,” “Referrals,” and “Collaboration.”