Metro Denver Replication Results

Due to the success of the Denver model, the Office for Victims of Crime provided funding in 2004 through the Department of Justice Nursing Home Initiative to replicate the CASE Partnership in Colorado's 1st, 17th, and 18th Judicial Districts that serve eight counties in greater metropolitan Denver. These prosecutors' offices have also achieved significant success with their CASE Partnership programs. As of October 2005, the combined CASE Partnerships of the Denver and three other metro-area judicial districts have accomplished the following:

  • Recruited 600 faith community partners.
  • Trained more than 900 clergy and community leaders.
  • Presented 850 faith-based �Power Against Fraud� seminars to more than 35,000 older adults and their families.
  • Built a monthly fraud alert distribution of close to 1 million homes through faith community bulletins, newsletters, media, and listservs.
  • Expanded the program multiculturally to ethnic minority, immigrant, and refugee populations.

The positive impact of CASE that was experienced in Colorado's 18th Judicial District led District Attorney Carol Chambers to create a full-time position for her CASE director after the initial replication funding ended. Chambers says, �CASE enables this office to be proactive in the fight against fraud, instead of acting only after a crime has occurred. The CASE program is providing what the public is seeking�information and resources for the war against fraud. Every law enforcement agency should consider adding the CASE program.�

District Attorney Don Quick of Colorado's 17th Judicial District reports, �The CASE program is a terrific way to partner with our seniors to prevent these unconscionable crimes. In my 18 years of being a prosecutor, CASE is the best prevention program I have seen for seniors.�

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Partnering With Faith Communities To Provide Elder Fraud Prevention, Intervention, and Victim Services
April 2006