National Program Replication Products and Training

To build on the continued success of the CASE program in metropolitan Denver, the Bureau of Justice Assistance, Office of Justice Programs, has selected the CASE Partnership as a national model for program replication, training, and technical assistance.

The Denver District Attorney's Office will train and assist personnel in prosecutors' offices nationwide to develop faith-based partnerships with the goal of preventing and increasing the reporting of elder financial crimes.

Interested prosecutors and law enforcement agencies can become "CASE Affiliates" through the following national replication. Affiliates will be able to download the CASE Replication Toolkit zip file directly from the Web site, once their registration has been confirmed.

Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey encourages all prosecutors' offices to replicate CASE. "The CASE Partnership will significantly enhance your relationship with faith communities, seniors, and ethnic minority groups. Its grassroots approach appeals to both clergy and their congregations. CASE has quadrupled our elder fraud prevention outreach," he said. "Let us help you get started on this great program-become a CASE Affiliate today!"  

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Partnering With Faith Communities To Provide Elder Fraud Prevention, Intervention, and Victim Services
April 2006