Program Staffing

The CASE Partnership was originally staffed with the following:

  • Project director in charge of overall administration of the project.
  • Outreach specialist to help recruit faith community partners and to develop and help conduct clergy trainings and fraud prevention seminars.
  • Faith community advocate to provide elder fraud intervention and victim services, and to encourage crime detection and reporting.

This team was carefully chosen to develop and implement the program. The project director, who devoted 30 hours per week to the program, had been on staff at the Denver District Attorney's Office as the director of Consumer Services. She had directed the district attorney's economic crime education, prevention, and victim service programs for 7 years prior to working with the CASE Partnership project.

The outreach specialist spent 25 hours per week for 15 months on the project. He is a police chaplain who was specifically chosen for his 24-year ministerial experience, as well as his training background with the Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance, in which he trained hundreds of law enforcement personnel on Colorado's Victims' Rights Amendment and vicarious trauma.

The faith community advocate worked from 20 to 30 hours per week for the project. The staff person chosen for this position has a master's degree in social work and 15 years' experience working with older adults, including case and program management at Jewish Family Service of Colorado. She is currently one of two economic crime specialists who counsel callers to the Fraud Assistance Line.

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Partnering With Faith Communities To Provide Elder Fraud Prevention, Intervention, and Victim Services
April 2006