Success of the Denver Model

Within 1 year of implementing CASE, the Denver District Attorney's Office had accomplished the following:

  • Recruited 210 faith community partners.
  • Trained more than 340 clergy and other community leaders on elder fraud and exploitation to increase their awareness of the crime and their assistance in detecting and reporting it, as well as supporting victims.
  • Presented 120 faith-based "Power Against Fraud" seminars to more than 4,500 older adults and their families and caregivers.
  • Assisted more than 200 older adults and their caregivers with victim and fraud prevention assistance. The following is an example of the assistance that CASE staff have provided to older adults in the community:

    An 85-year-old woman who attended a "Power Against Fraud " presentation at her church contacted CASE staff for assistance with a collection agency problem. She was unaware that she had been a victim of credit card theft 2 years prior. She had credit card bills totaling $1,750 and a pile of collection letters. Over a 6 month period, CASE staff helped the victim complete the necessary paperwork and correspond with the credit card company, the collection agencies, and the credit reporting bureaus regarding the delinquent account. CASE staff advocated on the victim's behalf with the credit card company and collection agency. The credit card company risk manager subsequently ruled in the victim's favor and closed the investigation.
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Partnering With Faith Communities To Provide Elder Fraud Prevention, Intervention, and Victim Services
April 2006