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Victim Services in Rural Law Enforcement
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Under the OVC-funded Victim Services in Rural Law Enforcement program, the National Sheriffs' Association (NSA) and the Alabama Attorney General's Office awarded competitive subgrants to rural law enforcement agencies to develop or enhance victim assistance efforts. Both NSA and the Alabama Attorney General's Office created structures to manage their projects. NSA selected sites across the country, while the Alabama Attorney General's Office selected sites within its state.

In addition to overseeing site activities, the grantees provided training, opportunities for information sharing among subgrantees, and technical assistance as needed to facilitate project implementation at each site. Ultimately, OVC and grantees hoped to learn from the experiences of the sites what it takes to establish, enhance, and sustain a rural law enforcement-based victim services initiative and to develop blueprints to guide other law enforcement agencies in replicating these efforts.

This section discusses the two grant projects and highlights activities of each of the 17 subgrantee sites rather than providing a detailed account of needs assessment methods and results, site activities, challenges and accomplishments, and evaluation methods and results. Unless a date is otherwise indicated, any statistics provided were current as of the time the site submitted its final project report. Statistics regarding numbers of personnel were reported by each agency and differ in format.

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