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Expanding Services To Reach Victims of Identity Theft and Financial Fraud
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Publication Date: October 2010
NCJ 230590
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Office of Justice ProgramsOffice for Victims of Crime
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Victim Assistance: Lessons From the Field

Tools/Resources for Victims

Victim/Service Provider Guides and Presentations

Resource Guides

The FTC’s Take Charge: Fighting Back Against Identity Theft Resource Packet
MCVRC’s Identity Theft & Fraud Victim Resource Packet
ITRC Document Catalog: Facts Sheets, Solutions, and Letter Forms
MCVRC’s Fight Back Against Identity Theft Brochure
VICARS Action Plan
VICARS Consumer Guide (PDF, 2 mb) (PPT, 1.4 mb)

Training Materials

Rising Tide: The Explosion of Identity Theft During Hard Economic Times—Locating Services for Victims (PDF, 1.7 mb) (PPT, 1.2 mb)
MCVRC’s Assisting and Educating Victims of Identity Theft and Fraud (PDF, 1.6 mb) (PPT, 152 kb)
MCVRC Identity Theft & Fraud Pro Bono Training (PDF, 8.1 mb) (PPT, 574 kb)
ITRC’s Identity Theft 101
ITRC’s Enhancing Law Enforcement and Identity Theft Victim Communications

Sample Forms

Example of Pro Bono flier
Example of a Credit Bureau letter
FTC’s Remedying the Effects of Identity Theft
ID Theft Affidavit
Police Cover Letter

AVA campaign materials:

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