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Serving Transgender Victims of Sexual Assault
Message From the DirectorAbout This Guide
Transgender 101Sexual Assault in the Transgender CommunityTips For Those Who Serve Victims
June 2014
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Information in the Guide

This guide compiles information from multiple quantitative and qualitative datasets as well as collected experiences from transgender survivors who have navigated sexual assault services and from providers who have worked with transgender survivors.

Primary data are largely based on several key studies:

  • FORGE's 2004 "Sexual Violence in the Transgender Community Survey" (n=254).
  • FORGE's 2011 "Transgender Individuals' Knowledge of and Willingness to Use Sexual Assault Programs" survey (n=1,005).
  • FORGE's 2011 "Assessment of Sexual Assault Programs' Efforts to Welcome Transgender Survivors and Appropriately Serve Them, Including Training Preferences" survey (n=310).
  • National Center on Transgender Equality and National Gay and Lesbian Task Force's 2011 "National Transgender Discrimination Survey" (n=6,400).

The guide provides practical information supported by the experiences of transgender survivors and some specific challenges that victim service providers may encounter. When possible, information is supported by cited research, which is notably sparse.