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Submission Deadlines

In an effort to assist you in preparing and submitting deliverables effectively and efficiently, your grant manager, with the assistance of OVC's Communications Team, will provide oversight and guidance throughout the development and submission of all materials approved for publication—or being considered for publication—by OVC.

At the outset of the grant period, you will meet with your grant monitor and a member of OVC's Communications Team to review the Publications Guidelines as they apply to your project and develop a schedule for the timely development, review, and final submission of all new materials. This schedule should include at least six benchmarks (e.g., planning, coordination, development, implementation, marketing, evaluation) that you are expected to meet in order to ensure the steady progress of product development throughout the grant period.

Before your grant, cooperative agreement, or contract ends, you must submit your product to OVC for review and, following that review, submit a final package that includes any changes requested as a result of that review. You must complete the following steps:

9 Months or 120 Days Before Funding Ends

Before your funding ends, you must submit your product, through your grant monitor, to OVC for review. OVC will return your submission to you for any needed modifications.

In Fiscal Year (FY) 2015, OVC implemented a special condition requiring grantees to submit a product for review 9 months before funding ends. Fifteen percent of the grant award will be withheld until OVC returns the draft product to the grantee after its review and issues a Grant Adjustment Notice to remove the special condition withholding funds, to allow the grantee to make needed modifications. Applicants must be prepared to incorporate substantive and editorial changes into the product per discussion with the OVC grant monitor. If the applicant proposes to work with a video production company, OVC must grant approval before a subcontract/subgrant is awarded.

(Prior to FY 2015, the deadline for submitting products for review was 120 days before funding ends. Please review your award package for specific instructions regarding your grant.)

The following tasks will be completed during the initial review:

  • Experts in the field and others within the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) will review and comment on the product.
  • OVC will return the product in 30–90 days, depending on its size and complexity. OVC may extend this timeline.
  • You may be asked to incorporate substantive changes to the product, per discussion with your grant monitor.

If you are unable to provide a draft version of the product 9 months or 120 days before the end of the grant, cooperative agreement, or contract, you may request an extension to the grant or contract period. These extensions are approved on a case-by-case basis, and all requests must contain a substantive reason justifying the delay.

If you are granted an extension and substantive changes to the product are required, no additional funds will be made available.

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30 Days Before Funding Ends

At least 30 days before your funding ends, you must provide OVC with a final submission package. This package should include all materials required to move forward with publishing your product. The package you deliver should not be considered the final version that will be published/produced. In many cases, OVC will edit and reorganize the submitted piece, and may modify the delivery format (e.g., video, multimedia).

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