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OVC Publishing Guidelines for Print and Multimedia About OVCOJP seal: Innovation . Partnerships . Safer Neighborhoods Message From the DirectorOVC Publishing Guidelines for Print and Multimedia NCJ 229712 / March 2010
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Writing Tips

To produce the best possible publication, follow these basic writing guidelines:

  • Know your audience and what you want readers to do when they finish reading the publication. Write based on this goal and the readers' knowledge of the subject.
  • Outline the content before writing to ensure proper organization.
  • Use sidebars to summarize background or ancillary information.
  • Write in a style that is concise and easy to read (i.e., use short words and sentences, bulleted lists, and descriptive subheads).
  • Use proper grammar and punctuation.
  • Apply a consistent and complete style to references and endnotes/footnotes.