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Human Trafficking Glossary

English-to-Spanish Terms: Human Trafficking

Border patrol
patrulla fronteriza; slang reference: la migra
Continued presence
presencia continua 1
Contract slavery
servidumbre obligada o esclavitud bajo contrato
Debt bondage (or bonded labor)
esclavitud por deuda 2
Domestic servitude
servidumbre doméstica
Domestic workers
empleadas domésticas
Employment Authorization Document (EAD)
Documento de Autorización de Empleo (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services); popular term: permiso de trabajo
Human smuggling
tráfico de personas
Human trafficking
trata de personas
Involuntary (or forced) labor
trabajo forzado
Involuntary servitude
servidumbre obligada
Mail order bride
esposa por catálogo o compra de esposa
Migrant laborers (general)
trabajadores migratorios
Migrant laborers (in agriculture)
trabajadores en actividades agrícolas temporales; popular term: trabajadores migrantes
Nude modeling
modelaje desnudo o trabajo de modelo desnudo
Pornographic video
video pornográfico
Servile or forced marriage
matrimonio obligado o matrimonio forzado
Sex tourism
turismo sexual
Strip, pole, or lap dance
baile exótico
taller clandestino o taller de trabajo esclavo; slang reference: maquila 3
Trafficking in human beings
trata de personas
la visa T
la visa U

1See term used at the U.S. Department of Health and Services' Web page, Ayuda de victimas hoja informativa (accessed March 2, 2011).

2See term used in MacDonnell, Margaret, 2002, El tráfico global de personas: Una forma moderna de esclavitud, Washington, DC: United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

3"Taller" in Spanish refers to a workshop, so a "taller clandestino de costura" would reference a sewing sweatshop. "Maquila" is the slang version of "maquiladora": a factory or assembly and processing plant operated in Mexico under preferential tariff programs established by the United States and Mexican Governments. The sweatshop association is due to exploitive and abusive conditions that have been discovered in some of these "maquiladoras."

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