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Spanish-language products, particularly the presentation for promotoras, are intended for use by experienced victim advocates, trainers, and promotoras who are fluent in Spanish. This will help ensure OVC’s goal of providing high-quality materials to target audiences by skilled professionals who are able to respond knowledgably to queries in Spanish.

We strongly discourage use of these materials by staff who are not fluent in Spanish in the interest of accurate communication to audiences. English translations of Spanish-language products are provided as a courtesy and are in keeping with our policy of ensuring greater accessibility to all published materials.


Sexual Assault Glossary
Use this glossary to ensure that the terminology in your Spanish sexual assault-related materials is consistent. Includes English-to-Spanish terms.

Human Trafficking Glossary
Use this glossary to ensure that the terminology in your Spanish trafficking-related materials is consistent. Includes a description of the differences between trafficking and smuggling, English-to-Spanish terms, and other Spanish terms related to trafficking.

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