Office for Victims of Crime
International Terrorism Victim Expense Reimbursement Program Report to Congress
NCJ # 240996

Reimbursements Paid by Expense Categories

To date, ITVERP fully paid 35 requests for reimbursement and made 7 partial payments. Those payments totaled $436,855.40. Exhibit 10 shows the percentage of reimbursements paid by expense category during the reporting period; many claimants applied for reimbursement under multiple expense categories.

Exhibit 10: Percentage of Reimbursements Paid by Expense Category


Under ITVERP regulations, claimants can file an appeal within 30 days of receipt of a final determination of their claim. During this reporting period, no appeals were processed.

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Future Liability

In process claims represent an estimate of ITVERP’s future liability. If all in process claims are paid at the amounts requested, including balances remaining on partial payments, ITVERP’s future liability is $1,608,690.05.

Exhibit 11 shows ITVERP’s estimated future liability by expense category.

Exhibit 11: Estimated Future Liability of ITVERP

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