Office for Victims of Crime
International Terrorism Victim Expense Reimbursement Program Report to Congress
NCJ # 240996

Future Program Needs and Improvements

While there have been important achievements since ITVERP began, OVC must continue to ensure that program information and ITVERP applications are readily accessible to victims and their families. During this time period, OVC learned valuable information that will guide future enhancements to ITVERP. For example, receipt and processing of the first claims by U.S.-employed FSNs yielded valuable information with respect to communicating effectively with claimants located outside of the United States, as well as developing operating procedures to facilitate specific reimbursement requests using a signed, itemized statement and comparable prices to estimate the value of items lost.

Customer service and communication with claimants is paramount and ensuring access to interpreters is critical to facilitating communication. OVC will continue to improve customer service, including reviewing the ITVERP claim process and improving staff verbal and written communications with victims applying for reimbursement. Additionally, OVC recognizes the importance of collaborating with other agencies and organizations and will continue to expand its partnership network into nongovernment-based organizations to increase outreach efforts.

As ITVERP continues to assist victims and their families in the aftermath of international terrorist incidents, OVC will refine and enhance its outreach and customer service efforts. In the coming year, OVC will focus on enhancing several program areas, including outreach efforts to victims of international terrorist incidents who are potentially eligible for the program; and continued coordination with NGOs, state compensation programs, and other federal agencies.