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Building Victim Assistance Networks With Faith Communities: Lessons Learned by the Vermont Victim Services 2000 Project
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The Need for Collaboration
Victim Needs From a Faith-Based Perspective
Elements of Collaboration
Lessons Learned
Issues Unique to Faith-Based Victim Assistance
Supplementary Materials
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Faith Based Victim Assistance Organizations

About the Authors

Barbara Whitchurch is the Public Education Coordinator at the Vermont Center for Crime Victim Services, where she designs and implements public awareness and educational outreach initiatives and creates the center's publications. As Product Development Coordinator for Vermont Victim Services 2000 (VS 2000), she researched and drafted publications on creating survivor councils, implementing victim-centered restorative justice initiatives, and creating community response to property crime. She also designed a public education campaign that addressed the issue of elder abuse as part of the VS 2000 initiative. Ms. Whitchurch is currently engaged in creating a campaign to increase public awareness about free HIV counseling, testing, and treatment for survivors of sexual violence. She has worked as a publications consultant and researcher for many years, editing books and articles that have been published and distributed through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services as well as private publishers.

Andrea Beaderstadt served as the Public Education Coordinator at Vermont Victim Services 2000 from 2001 to 2002. A Professor of journalism at the college level for many years, Ms. Beaderstadt has also researched and written many nationally published magazine articles. She has been active in community outreach and organizing in rural areas of Northwestern Vermont, designing and implementing programs for nonprofit organizations to address issues such as unemployment, poverty, and educational opportunity.

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