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OVC Publishing Guidelines for Print and Multimedia About OVCOJP seal: Innovation . Partnerships . Safer Neighborhoods Message From the DirectorOVC Publishing Guidelines for Print and Multimedia NCJ 229712 / March 2010
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Submission Requirements


All packages delivered to OVC should contain the following:

  • All files of the final product, including OVC's standard accessibility features.

  • When applicable, individual release forms, licensing agreements, or written permission to replicate information or materials. (See Copyright & Policy Requirements for more information.)

  • Copies of all comments from peer reviewers or pilot-test participants, if reviews or pilot tests were conducted prior to submission to OVC. (In many cases, a peer review is conducted by OVC, in which case you would not be responsible for submitting those comments.)

  • An executive summary of the product that highlights significant findings.

  • Statements highlighting the significance of the content or its special relevance to the field and describing why the proposed final format of the product will be useful in the field.

See Producing a Video for some helpful tips on creating videos.

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