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State-level Replication Guide
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Pilot Replication Sites


In addition to hosting a major training on BPI, Ohio developed public service announcements using spokespersons with disabilities and created its own letterhead and a newsletter highlighting BPI Ohio's efforts. It issued a toll free number for reporting suspected abuse of persons with disabilities and created a 24-hour reporting line, a Web site, identification cards for persons with disabilities, and a booklet for police officers and community partners on communicating with persons with disabilities. In addition, BPI Ohio formalized an MOU with its partners and distributed more than 400 copies of OVC's First Response to Victims of Crime Who Have a Disability (Office for Victims of Crime, 2002).

For more information, contact—

David Voth, Project Director and Executive Director
Crime Victim Services, Lima
330 North Elizabeth Street, 2d Floor
Lima, OH 45801