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Crime and Victimization Fact Sheets

Each of the NCVRW Crime and Victimization Fact Sheets provides a snapshot of current research and victimization statistics in the United States.

Use these fact sheets to promote awareness about different types of crime, as graphics for your social media, and to inform other education efforts.

Fact Sheets

Crime & Victimization in the United States

PDF (356 kb)

Crime Trends

PDF (428 kb)


PDF (415 kb)

Burglary, Theft, Robbery

PDF (408 kb)

Campus Victimization

PDF (442 kb)

Crimes Against Older Adults

PDF (395 kb)

Crimes Against People With Disabilities

PDF (445 kb)

Driving Under the Influence

PDF (563 kb)

Financial Crime

PDF (387 kb)

Hate Crime

PDF (412 kb)


PDF (477 kb)

Human Trafficking

PDF (394 kb)

Intimate Partner Violence

PDF (415 kb)

Mass Casualty Shootings

PDF (386 kb)

School Victimization

PDF (392 kb)

Sexual Violence

PDF (425 kb)


PDF (377 kb)

Urban and Rural Victimization

PDF (393 kb)

Workplace Violence

PDF (418 kb)

Youth Victimization

PDF (399 kb)