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Communicating Your Message: Media Tips & Tools

These media tips and tools can help your organization develop a comprehensive public awareness campaign using social and traditional media. Use these sample materials to create or enhance your outreach efforts, increase your visibility in the community, promote valuable resources for victims of crime, and engage in a dialogue with community members.

Communicating Your Message (2.6 mb)

Crafting an NCVRW Media Plan (with sample plans) (806 kb) / En Español (565 kb)

Social Media

Facebook (498 kb) / En Español (612 kb)

Twitter (692 kb) / En Español (766 kb)

Blogs (503 kb) / En Español (517 kb)

Other Social Media Platforms (407 kb)

Traditional Media

Press Release (441 kb) / En Español (451 kb)

Letter to the Editor (423 kb) / En Español (579 kb)

Op-Ed (431 kb) / En Español (443 kb)

Public Service Announcements (482 kb) / En Español (519 kb)

Working with the Media

Working with Reporters (225 kb)

Advocating for Victims with the Media (470 kb)