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Building Victim Assistance Networks With Faith Communities: Lessons Learned by the Vermont Victim Services 2000 Project
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The Need for Collaboration
Victim Needs From a Faith-Based Perspective
Elements of Collaboration
Lessons Learned
Issues Unique to Faith-Based Victim Assistance
Supplementary Materials
Other Initiatives
  Faith Community Professional Education Initiative
  Sudden Death Trauma Program
  Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Services
  Good Samaritans
  Collaborative Response
to Crime Victims
  Helping And Lending Outreach Support
  Peaceful Communities Committee of VEC
Trauma-Specific Resources
Bibliography and Related Resources
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Faith Based Victim Assistance Organizations

Supplementary Materials

Trauma-Specific Resources

For those who wish to do additional reading on this topic, we offer the following brief bibliography. Please note that a more comprehensive bibliography, including links to more detailed references, current articles, books for purchase, and Web resources helpful in understanding trauma responses and treatment, is available at David Baldwin's Web site,

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