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Resource Guide for Serving U.S. Citizens Victimized Abroad
Publication Date:  April 2008
Victim Services: An International Outlook
Responding to Victimization Abroad
Coordinating Victim Services
If the Victim Remains Abroad
If the Victim Returns to the United States
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Checklists for Assisting U.S. Citizens Victimized Abroad

If the Victim Returns to the United States

Travel Assistance

Assistance for victims wishing to return to the United States can be complicated because international travel is expensive, assisting victims can involve assisting multiple family members, and all members of the victim's family unit might not be U.S. citizens. Cases of international abduction can pose particularly complex problems when a parent's presence in the United States is important to resolution of the case.

The Office of Overseas Citizens Services coordinates with U.S. embassies and consulates to assist with—

  • Replacing or issuing passports or visas.

  • Providing repatriation loans to victims who are U.S. citizens and without other resources.

  • Coordinating and booking travel arrangements for victims who are U.S. citizens and their families.

  • Offering information about financial assistance that might be available to cover the costs of the victim’s or family members' travel, returning remains to the United States, attending criminal proceedings, helping to pay for moving, and so forth.

The Office of Overseas Citizens Services also works with U.S.-based victim service providers to facilitate family reunifications and repatriations, coordinate with other agencies to arrange for a companion to meet victims at the airport, or act as a liaison with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to secure emergency visas for a victim's alien relatives.


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U.S. Department of State
National Passport Information Center

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Foreign Entry Requirements

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