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Step 4: Explore the VTT for Resources to Implement your Action Plan

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Use the available filters to search the extensive Compendium of Resources for tools to address priorities in your action plan. You are encouraged to explore the Guidelines Series within the New Tools for the Field.

To better understand how the Compendium of Resources is organized, see the sample entry below. It shows the information available for each item in the compendium. Each entry includes the title, a brief description of the item, and the item source; research literature entries include full bibliographical citations. OS denotes the relevant area(s) of organizational health, followed by the Resource Type. The next lines identify the relevant Topic(s) and the Discipline(s) for which the item has been vetted. Where applicable, the CDC Code indicates the level of evidence and effectiveness from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Continuum of Evidence of Effectiveness. Click anywhere on a record to view the full resource.

The Vicarious Trauma Toolkit Compendium of Resources Search Results

Explore the Search Capability

From the VTT homepage, click on the Compendium of Resources link. Use the filters to refine your search. 

The Vicarious Trauma Toolkit Compendium of Resources Search


Tips for Using the Filters

  • Select the filters in the Resource TypeOrganizational Strategies (OS)Discipline, Topic, and CDC Code fields. The search results will filter as you make your selections.
  • For the broadest search, select the Discipline you are interested in, which will give you every Resource Type under every Topic in the VTT for that discipline.
  • If you want to hone in on an area where the VT–ORG assessment showed you had gaps, click “Discipline” and the name of the corresponding Organizational Strategies (OS).
  • If you want to locate a particular Type of Resource (e.g., research literature), click on that filter.
  • To search by Topic(s), click on one of the 32 topic areas. If you do not see your interest area, enter keyword(s) in the free text Search field and then click "Enter" on your keyboard.
  • To start a new search, clear your previous search and make sure “(All)” is selected in the Resource TypeOrganizational Strategies (OS)Discipline, Topic, and CDC Code fields.

Additional Tips for Using the Compendium of Resources

  • Download items that you want to explore further and share with others, and organize them in folders according to your areas of focus in your action plan.
  • For more information on a particular resource, you may contact the authors directly. The VTT promotes networking and collaboration among organizations working to become vicarious trauma-informed.

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