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The VT-ORG and Compendium

The Vicarious Trauma—Organizational Readiness Guide (VT–ORG) is the starting point for organizations that want to become vicarious trauma-informed and proactively address the impact of exposure to the trauma experiences of others. Use it to assess your agency's current capacity as a vicarious trauma-informed organization, identify strengths and gaps, and prioritize your needs. Then, use it to locate resources in the toolkit that will help you take important next steps to address gaps.

Select a discipline—victim servicesEMSfire services, or law enforcement—to explore the VTT and access the appropriate VT–ORG for your agency.

The Compendium of Resources contains over 500 tools that organizations can use to become more vicarious trauma-informed, including resources from the field, such as policies, procedures, practices, and programs; research literature on issues such as prevalence, impact, risk factors, and intervention studies; new tools for the field; and links to websites, podcasts, and videos.

The VTT also includes a Glossary of Terms as well as a Bibliography of research articles in the items in the Compendium of Resources.


Compendium of Resources

Each of the over 500 listings in the Compendium of Resources includes the resource title, source, and author or developer, as well as a general description identifying the category, discipline, organizational strategy, topic, and CDC code, if applicable. Research literature items include full bibliographical citations.

Blueprint for a Vicarious Trauma-Informed Organization

For a step-by-step guide to strengthening your organization's response to vicarious trauma by using this toolkit, see the Blueprint for a Vicarious Trauma-Informed Organization.