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1st MADD Mid-Atlantic Regional Virtual Candlelight Vigil

Event Dates

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), Mid-Atlantic region, is proud to commemorate the 2021 National Crime Victim Rights Week (April 18–24, 2021) which aims to “Support Victims. Build Trust. Engage Communities,” with our first virtual candlelight vigil. The theme of MADD's memorial are Forget-me-Nots, which symbolize remembrance and a connection that endures all challenges and measure of time. During the event, MADD will honor and celebrate the lives of those who have been injured or killed due to drunk and drugged driving on our region’s roadways. MADD hopes this evening ceremony helps secure a future of No More Victims, highlight incredible personal courage, and sparks renewal. Featured guests will include 2021–2023 MADD National President, Alex Otte, MADD Maryland Advisory Board Member, Vickie Brown, and many more! Please aware that registration for this event is required.

Date Created: March 18, 2021