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2023 Navajo County Victims' Rights Symposium

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Event Dates
Mountain (no DST)
Northland Pioneer College or Online

1611 S. Main Street
Snowflake, AZ

The Symposium is a full-day local training, held during National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, for local partner agencies who work with victims of crime and the community about topics that impact victims of crime.

There will be a keynote presenter in the morning, followed by four breakout workshops that will be about 1 hour and 15 minutes long. The breakout workshops are repeated twice that day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The sponsors offer a free catered luncheon ceremony between the 2 workshops where we offer awards and recognize members of our community who have done exceptional work for crime victims.

The event will feature a youth workshop and contest tailored to address the unique challenges children are facing. This will take place at the same time as the morning workshop.

There will be exhibits for the presenters and local victim service partners. Tables remain in the lobby that day and as people have breaks, they can visit the booths and are even offered a chance to win a prize for visiting all 10 booths.

This event will be hybrid, offered as both in-person and virtual training.

Since the training is free, the sponsors will use local donations, sponsorships, and grants to help cover costs. All presentations are sent in for certification for AZPOST, CLE, CAN, and COJET. There will be up to 300-person capacity for in-person training and the sponsors usually see around 150-200 when this isn’t offered as a hybrid event. Around 50-80 people attend the breakout workshops.

Keynote Speaker: Kaleigh Kozak presenting on “Kaleighs Law”


  • Restitution - presented by Amy Bocks with the Attorney General's Office
  • Victim Impact Panel on Parents of Murdered Children - presented by Harely Feldman and Kim Bryssellbout
  • "One Pill can Kill" Youth Workshop - presented by Nexus Coalition. There will also be a Youth Poster/Video Contest with cash rewards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place!
  • The Newest Drug Dealing Trends - presented by Master Sargeant Tommy Morga with the Arizona National Guard Drug Demand Reduction and Outreach (DDRO)
  • Domestic Violence and Firearms - presented by Lauryn Fjell with ACESDV

Date Created: April 10, 2023