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38th Annual Crime Victims' Issues Conference

Event Dates

Pre-Conference Institute: "Introducing Evidence of Grooming and Dynamics of Victimization in Child Sex Abuse Cases"
Roger Canaff is a widely known child protection and anti-violence against women advocate, legal expert, author and public speaker. He has devoted his legal career to the eradication of violence against women and children. Most recently he became a partner and consultant with Justice3D.com, a leading educator in issues related to investigating and prosecuting sexual assault, child abuse, and domestic violence cases. 

Opening Plenary: "Unmasking the Sexual Offender"
Dr. Veronique Valliere has her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Rutgers University. She has over 25 years of experience in the field working with violent offenders and their victims. She has trained nationally and internationally, has testified in front of two Congressional subcommittees, and has been interviewed for such major popular publications like the New York Times, Self, People, and Good Housekeeping. She has appeared on national news, like CBS and PBS, as well as used as an expert in Commonwealth v. William Cosby.

Closing Plenary: "Secondary Traumatic Stress and Self-Care Strategies"
Chris Newlin, MS LPC, is the Executive Director of the National Children’s Advocacy Center. He has more than 22 years of experience and has provided diverse training related to the Children’s Advocacy Center Model, the multidisciplinary response to child abuse, forensic interviewing, best practices in child abuse intervention and response, and additional child maltreatment and exploitation topics in more than 30 countries throughout the world.

There will also be 9 additional breakout sessions.

Date Created: January 22, 2021