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Accessing Shelter Options Through the Safe Shelter Collaborative

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Registration is now open for the Accessing Shelter Options Through the Safe Shelter Collaborative webinar presented by the Freedom Network Training Institute Housing Training and Technical Assistance Project. With funding from OVC, the Safe Shelter Collaborative was designed and launched with the explicit goal of getting more survivors into appropriate shelter faster. It is a free mobile app that currently offers two features:

  • A means to quickly locate available and appropriate shelter beds in a region.
  • A way to fundraise from individual donors to cover the cost of a hotel stay (if appropriate for the survivor).

Programs participating within the collaborative are vetted to ensure appropriate services are provided for survivors of human trafficking, domestic violence, and sexual assault. This webinar will introduce service providers to the work of the Safe Shelter Collaborative and will explore how anti-trafficking providers use the collaborative to house survivors of trafficking. 

Date Created: January 5, 2021