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Advocacy for Firearm Awareness and Risk: Improving the Victim Advocate Response: Rationale and Understanding laws (Part 1)

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Firearms are inherently lethal when combined with intimate partner violence (IPV).

Victim advocates serve on the front lines of IPV and receive training on the basics of safety planning, risk assessment, and state and federal firearm laws. Yet, advocates do not receive specific training on how to discuss firearms with victims. This gap in knowledge leads advocates to feel uncomfortable and unlikely to address firearms with victims.

Advocates note fears of offending victims, entering into a gun control debate and inadequate knowledge about firearms as common barriers to discussing firearms.

The Advocacy for Firearm Awareness and Risk training seeks to provide advocates with specific knowledge and tools to improve their comfort in and likelihood of speaking about firearms with their clients. This training will focus on identifying and building competencies, understanding why firearm discussions are a must, and becoming mindful of how the advocate’s biases may be a barrier to a victim’s safety.

During Part 1 of this training, you will learn the “Why” behind the importance of being able to speak to clients about firearms and firearm storage. Learn about firearm laws and how advocates must be knowledgeable about the laws that impact their jurisdictions.

Date Created: February 28, 2022