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All Eyes on DV: Developing a Multi-Disciplinary Perspective to Domestic Violence

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This webinar provides a unique take on domestic violence prevention, identification, and intervention by enabling participants to develop a multi-disciplinary perspective of violence in the home.

Results from my national domestic violence survey of victim serving agencies across multiple disciplines will be discussed.

Both discipline-specific and shared barriers to working with victims of domestic violence will be addressed and recent findings from literature across several disciplines including: court systems, faith-based, law enforcement, education, social services, medical, animal welfare, child welfare, and domestic violence shelters will be highlighted.

Participants will learn of critical concepts for addressing barriers, developing a truly multi-disciplinary response to domestic violence in their community, and promoting data-driven, effective and efficient community-inclusive methods to better identify and assist these victims of violence in the home as early as possible.

Name: Christina Mccale
Phone: 360-866-0287
Email: [email protected]

Date Created: June 3, 2020