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The Annual National Missing Persons Day; Greater San Antonio United 2024

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Event Dates
American Red Cross

3642 E Houston Street
San Antonio, TX

The third of February is dedicated to the families of missing persons. However, Search & Support San Antonio decided to also include families of unsolved crime victims in order to provide support, raise awareness, and lend visibility to their cases. 

Thanks to the generous support of the Red Cross San Antonio, Search & Support San Antonio is delighted to host this event at their beautiful downtown facility. In addition to providing plenty of space, it will provide a safe environment for all participants. The families of the missing and murdered participate equally in the planning and efforts to bring the San Antonio community together and raise awareness of the often overlooked cases in San Antonio and the surrounding areas. 

Families have expressed their desire for representatives of our finest local law enforcement agencies and Crime Stoppers to attend the event in order to build bridges and hold dialogues. Agencies and organizations are encouraged to introduce their resources and support to families and the general public. 

Attendees, families, and members of the media are invited and encouraged to stay for interviews and refreshments. In the outreach program, the Search & Support San Antonio will have speakers, media, podcasters, spiritual support, and certified therapy dogs, and the event will end with hands-on activities in memory of loved ones. Search & Support San Antonio decided on a heart theme for the for the hands-on activities because the cause is near and dear to their hearts and Valentine's Day is just around the corner. The crafts are suitable for placement in homes, gardens, on graves, or as a gift. The crafting supplies will be provided by us (While supplies last). 

There is no cost associated with this event. It's free! 

Please note that attendees are not required to participate in interviews.

Date Created: January 18, 2024