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Building and Maintaining Career Sustaining Narratives in the Face of Burnout

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Several years have passed since the bomb that was COVID-19, and rates of burnout across every single helping profession (legal, education, child welfare, mental health, medical, etc.) come to a single, sobering conclusion: burnout is ubiquitous and not showing any signs of slowing down. The evidence-informed practice of CE-CERT (Components for Enhancing Career Engagement and Reducing Trauma) has been implemented across all the previously mentioned disciplines in the United States from coast to coast with promising impact. A core component of this model, Conscious Narrative, will be taken and applied to this problem. Specifically, the presenter will give examples not only from staff across multiple disciplines as to how they went from “career-defeating” narratives to “career-sustaining” narratives, but he will also give the personal application he implemented at the height of the pandemic and into the present.

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Date Created: December 8, 2023