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Building Resiliency in Organizations

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The 3-week course identifies five core elements of resiliency and examines how they can be implemented within organizations to build resiliency in staff. It is intended for managers and leaders in victim-serving organizations who can implement changes to policies and procedures. 

This training will provide a resiliency model and explain how it can be applied to organizations. Potential barriers will be identified, along with strategies to overcome them.

  • Introductory Week: Acknowledging Resiliency
  • Week 1: The Five Core Elements of Resiliency
    • Explore three of the five core elements of resiliency.
    • Explain how the five core elements of resiliency relate to the organizational resiliency model.
    • Identify three ways organizations can implement strategies through the organizational resiliency model.
  • Week 2: Identifying Strategies for Building Resiliency in Organizations
    • Explore two of the five core elements of resiliency.
    • Identify common resiliency challenges within victim service organizations.
    • Describe strategies to address the resiliency challenges within your organization.
    • Discuss what it means to be a change agent for organizational resiliency.
    • Develop an action plan for your organization.

Date Created: November 9, 2021