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Candlelight Vigil

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Event Dates
Perfecting Reconciliation Church

1723 3rd Avenue North
Bessemer, AL

Each year since 2017, the Jefferson County DA's Office, Bessemer Division has conducted the Candlelight Vigil program to bring awareness to victims by providing informational resources and encouragement through the utilization of surviving victims testimonials. Community leaders, law enforcement, survivors, victim representatives and the community at large are invited. In memory of those who lost their lives to violence, family members wear t-shirts, buttons paraphernalia displaying the face of their loved ones. The lost loved ones names are called during the program, families stand as they hear their loved ones' name called and a bell is tolled for each name called. After the program, there is a balloon release ceremony outside. The program is very impactful and greatly appreciated by the families to know that someone remembers their loved one.

Date Created: April 10, 2023