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Capital Case Litigation Project Series: Meeting with Victim Families (Webinar)

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This webinar will focus on how to be the best advocate possible for victims of capital crimes and their families, with emphasis on building effective, empathetic relationships with these families and guiding them through the judicial process. This presentation will include resources for prosecutors dealing with such capital litigation cases.

Participants will hear from Bill Bunting, who is an Assistant District Attorney and Homicide Unit Chief at Mecklenburg County, North Carolina District Attorney's Office, where he leads an experienced team of 10 homicide prosecutors. He was admitted to the North Carolina State Bar in 2001 and has been an Assistant District Attorney since 2006, exclusively prosecuting homicides since 2011. Mr. Bunting has tried death penalty cases as well as non-capital murders in addition to violent crimes, habitual offenders, and trafficking cases. He is a member of the Homicide Victim's Support Group led by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg, North Carolina Police Department. He also regularly responds to homicide crime scenes and works closely with investigating agencies to pursue justice in Mecklenburg County.

This webinar is the first event in the Capital Case Litigation Project series.

Name: Sasha Beatty
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Date Created: December 12, 2019