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Communicating with Executives, Supervisors, and Managers: Selling Your Ideas Up the Chain of Command

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As contributing members in our organizations, we are commonly placed in a position where we need to communicate an idea or concept to our supervisors which may not be well received. Too many times we simply do not share the ideas simply because it is an easier path to follow. But when good ideas are not acted upon, the organization can continue to suffer with poor practices and inefficiency. Knowing that we are trying to benefit the organization, we must learn how to sell our ideas up the chain of command.

Consider the following when beginning the process of influencing your supervisors: Have I sat on an idea simply because I believed it would not be considered? Are my intentions in benefiting the organization with my ideas genuine in intent? How does my working relationship with my supervisors affect the influence that I have with them? Do I need to move out of an area of professional comfort to convey my ideas to supervision? What if this becomes the best action I’ve ever taken?

In this webinar, you will learn the process of using Motivational Conversation to create questions and conversations to express your ideas to management and supervision. There is a definite strategy which has been successfully used in large organizations to effect positive and much needed change. It is an approach which can be learned and used by those who attend the webinar. It is our intent to leave you with practical skills needed in sharing your ideas to those in your organization that can help you implement them. It is a process that can be used to create positive influence with your supervisors, but also your peers.

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Date Created: December 20, 2022