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Community Engagement as Part of Your Human Trafficking Response

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Human trafficking affects the most vulnerable in our communities. Meaningful engagement with marginalized and at-risk communities and those that serve those communities can build trust and sustainable relationships that in turn can improve responses to sex and labor trafficking.

When effective and sustained community engagement is prioritized, more victims can be identified and provided with individualized services and more traffickers can be held accountable.

This moderated panel will focus on how to incorporate community engagement into a multidisciplinary human trafficking response. Practical and long-term strategies, as well as how to overcome common challenges and build on success, will be discussed.

Panelists include law enforcement command staff dedicated to community engagement, a human trafficking survivor with professional experience working with trafficking victims and marginalized communities, and as well as a law enforcement officer and prosecutor who have proactively engaged with their communities.

This webinar will help participants to—

  • integrate community engagement as a key strategy to identify victims of sex and labor trafficking,
  • create proactive and strategic plans to engage with at-risk and marginalized communities; and
  • collaborate to demonstrate a holistic approach to human trafficking, focused on building relationships and providing victims with meaningful and accessible services.

Date Created: August 3, 2022