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The Courage to Grieve: A Weekend Retreat of Hope and Healing

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Event Dates
Beth Anna house at the Transfiguration Spirituality Center

Cincinnati, OH

The National Office of Parents Of Murdered Children is hosting a self-help weekend, The Courage to Grieve, to face the many overwhelming and difficult emotions that are the aftermath of murder, often compounded by the intrusion and frustration of the judicial process.

Beneath the explosive emotions of rage, hate and revenge lay the more primary feelings of pain, fear and helplessness. Unresolved, these emotions can cause survivors to feel they are losing their minds. The isolation survivors feel from those who will not or cannot deal with the impact of the loss, leave survivors alone with their grief or discourage them from grieving at all.

An integral part of this weekend will be an examination of love, tenderness and affection, relaxation techniques and the encouragement to move forward, uncover and experience within a safe environment of others who truly understand.

The retreat has been designed to influence the reconstruction of a new life - a life that has a renewed sense of purpose, though forever changed by murder.

Date Created: August 19, 2022