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The Craft of Creating Comfort: Lessons for Victim Advocates

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As victim advocates, we are called to sit with those most affected by crime, to uplift their voices, and to bear witness to the horrific, the tragic, and the unspeakable. We regularly meet people at what is likely the lowest point in their lives. The justice system can be a cold, disorienting, and retraumatizing place for many victims of crime, and victim advocates are in a unique position to mitigate those harms.

In this webinar, advocates will learn practical tools for providing comfort to their clients, even in the midst of the ugliest cases, from a surprising place: the hospitality industry. Basic methods of space-making, listening, and problem-solving that have served the presenter well in his victims’ services career will be shared with and practiced by session attendees, so you can implement them in your own victim/witness office and bring sincere comfort exactly where and when it is needed most.

Webinar attendees will be able to:

  • Better support victims’ independence and cooperation by building rapport and trust using tools from the hospitality industry.
  • Use the HEART model to engage with high-stress conversations with clients (or colleagues).
  • Understand the difference between power and influence and better use both to serve victims of crime.
  • Build stronger relationships with other organizations to expand their own agency’s ability to serve victims of crime.

Date Created: June 5, 2024