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Creating a Culture of Wellness: Increase Retention, Morale, and Employee Health by Infusing Wellness into Your Agency

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The Law Enforcement Mental Health and Wellness Act of 2017 was signed into law in January 2018, acknowledging the need to support agencies in their efforts to provide employees the mental, emotional, and physical health resources they deserve. As a result, agencies are looking for ways to implement wellness programming.

This class will address the implementation of “wellness tactics” in all areas of the agency to help facilitate culture change, designing a program that fits your agency’s needs, components of a comprehensive wellness program, and how to get agency buy-in. Incorporating wellness is not a luxury, but a necessity.

Providing criminal justice professionals the resources to thrive and safely and effectively perform their job is an organization’s responsibility that can lead to improved morale, retention, job satisfaction, and healthier employees. Investing in wellness from the moment an employee is hired until the day they retire will prove an immeasurable return on investment.

Date Created: October 29, 2021