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The Crossover Between Sex and Labor Trafficking: Elevation Without Segregation

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This 2-hour survivor panel discussion focuses on the intersections across the labor and sex trafficking industries. It will include audience interactions and a live Q&A. Hear the perspective and insights from lived experience experts as they discuss the importance of co-identification and reflect on experiences often overlooked by the anti-trafficking movement.

This conversation will analyze how providers can better impact identification and direct service needs without segregating survivors by trafficking type.

By recognizing the frequency at which sex and labor trafficking intersect, we can allow those with lived experience to identify the commonalities and work to destigmatize and uplift survivor experiences.

Help us empower survivors by offering more opportunities for understanding, healing, and self-sufficiency.

Is this event for me?

This event is meant for providers of all experience levels.

Date Created: August 7, 2022