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Cultivating Wellness in Your Organization: Trauma Informed Leadership and Other Helpful Ideas

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Studies have shown that depression and PTSD are up to five times more common in first responders and that 85 percent of first responders have experienced symptoms related to mental health conditions. Most alarming of all, a first responder is more likely to die by suicide than in the line of duty. How we currently lead in first responder organizations is changing and the days of strict, authoritarian leadership styles are a thing of the past.

Due to our changing working force and the abundance of data regarding first responder health/wellness, it is imperative that organizations adopt a more trauma-informed leadership style and implement organizational programs that address the physical, emotional, and mental health needs of their employees.

This webinar will examine the traditional leadership styles of first responder organizations and why we must evolve; discuss the key attributes of trauma-informed leadership for first responders; provide examples of wellness programming available to organizations, and provide tips on how to sell executive leadership on wellness programming.

Date Created: December 20, 2022