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Virtual Workshop: A Discussion on Research and a Multidisciplinary Response to Sexual Assault

Event Dates

This virtual workshop will explore the advantages of a multidisciplinary approach to sexual assault cases, highlighting the inclusion of recommendations from NIJ's National Best Practices for Sexual Assault Kits: A Multidisciplinary Approach into sexual assault response processes. Additionally, this virtual workshop will include recent findings and research projects that have supported a multidisciplinary approach to sexual assault response reform. This workshop will convene a wide audience including sexual assault nurse examiners, criminal justice practitioners representing federal, state, and local agencies, as well as subject matter experts from across the United States.
Day 1 will walk through multidisciplinary approaches for sexual assault cases and will include discussions from Idaho State Police on implementing these approaches. Day 2 will include a panel of presenters followed by a facilitated roundtable discussion with subject matter experts at the conclusion of the workshop. Each day will also include an interactive question and answer session.

This workshop will feature a range of presenters and subject matter experts that include Bruce Houlihan (Orange County Crime Laboratory), Rebecca Campbell (Michigan State University), Julie Valentine (Brigham Young University), Paul Speaker (West Virginia University), Lisa Bostaph (Boise State University), Matthew Gamette (Idaho State Police Forensic Services), and Deborah Wetherelt (Idaho State Police), and more from the Idaho State Police, all hosted by Matthew Gamette, Deborah Wetherelt, and the Idaho State Police.

This will be an interactive workshop using Zoom, a Peer-to-Peer platform. Registration will be limited to 500 participants. 

Date Created: December 29, 2021